(for both Elders and Deacons)

Included: Intro letter, index, 5 hours of video teaching, & student PowerPoint

  • Overview of Leadership
  • Guarding the Gates of Our Integrity
  • Building the Bridge of Trust
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Governance in the Body
  • Organization and Operation

Included: Intro letter, index, 5 hrs – video, student Powerpoint & notes

  • Introduction, Review and Overview
  • The Deaconate
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Leadership
  • The Commissioning
  • Deacon Duties
  • Conflict Resolution

Included: Intro letter, index, 10 hrs – video, student Powerpoint notes, quizzes-keys

  • Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • Spiritual Qualifications for Pastoral Counseling
  • Boundaries
  • Basic Counseling Skills
  • Biblically Based Counseling
  • Navigating Ministry Pitfalls
  • Divine Intervention and Divine Process
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Taming the Wild Horses
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Managing Fear
  • Finding the Way out of Depression
  • The Healing of Memories
  • Overcoming Rejection

Basic Deacon & Elder Training, Deacon Module, Elder Module, Videos, Student Powerpoint Notes & Quizzes

Leadership Training for both Deacons and Elders

Video Modules are delivered on USB drives and easily accessible on any computer. Student powerpoint presentation and notes are also included. USB drives are shipped priority mail.